'At Diversity Simplified, our vision is to empower organizations to celebrate diversity, champion equity, and foster inclusion for holistic success and growth.'

Our Offerings

Strategy and Advisory

A holistic approach to build the DEI vision, charter and roadmap that’s backed by data and people insights for your organisation.

Diverse Talent Hiring and Retention Programs

Crafting impactful diverse talent outreach, hiring, and retention programs.

Awareness and Sensitisation

Our sessions help build awareness, allyship and a safe work culture, that’s accepting of all.

Curated Workshops

Our tailored workshops cater to diverse audiences and objectives, ranging from Executive Leadership, and HR to Talent Acquisition.

Customised Events

Plan and build your theme-based DEI celebrations, events, panels and internal communications with us.

Thought Leadership

Our founder, Tina Vinod, is a compelling and impactful speaker on DEI. Know more here

Why Choose Diversity Simplified?

As a trusted partner for organizations seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of DEI, Diversity Simplified aims to provide customized, practical, and outcome-oriented solutions that are sustainable, having experience in addressing real-work challenges in DEI within organizations.

With years of experience in executing DEI strategies, programs, and operations both in India and globally, we are the trusted experts you need to help you achieve your goals and create a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

We take a holistic approach by addressing various aspects of DEI that include representation, retention, inclusive practices, cultural awareness, and bias mitigation, to ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to building an inclusive and equitable organization.

We understand that each organization is unique hence we specialize in developing customized solutions that produce tangible outcomes to address its DEI needs and challenges. We also foster a learning culture within your organization, equipping your teams with the knowledge and skills to drive DEI initiatives independently.

We realize that DEI is a continuous learning journey. We stay abreast of the latest research, trends, and best practices in the field of DEI to ensure our solutions are innovative, relevant and result oriented.