Strategy and Consulting

Diversity Simplified offers customized DEI strategy and consulting services that cater to your organisation's specific needs, goals, and focus areas. We understand the intersectionality of DEI across all functions and help design a personalized roadmap, regardless of where you are in your DEI journey.

Our offerings include:

Conducting organisational gap analysis to assess and understand your change needs

Designing your DEI Council vision, strategy, and priorities aligned with your business strategy

Assisting in establishing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) / Employee Networks

Operationalizing DEI initiatives for sustainability, including building inclusive hiring practices and designing equitable policies.

Through our consulting services, we support organisations in building sustainable and impactful DEI initiatives that drive positive change and foster an inclusive workplace.

Diverse Talent Hiring and Retention

We understand the importance of a diverse workforce for organisational success. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to support your organisation in attracting, hiring, and retaining diverse talent, ensuring a culture of belonging and growth.

We help you build your:

Your diverse hiring program from overall business plan and operational roll-out, to employer brand design and employee engagement. This includes hiring women returnees, LGBTQ+, People With Disability etc.

We do a deep dive diagnostic that provides insight into any challenges you have with retention and engagement of your diverse talent. The diagnostic includes safe focus group discussions, reviewing data and trends, 1:1 conversations etc. to arrive at a comprehensive report and roadmap for retention, engagement and advancement of the diverse talent group you are doing the diagnostic for.

A holistic effort to engage, advance and retain your diverse talent is critical in accelerating your DEI efforts. By partnering with us, you can create a workplace where everyone feels valued, empowered, and motivated to contribute their best.

Awareness and Sensitisation Sessions

Our sessions empower individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to foster inclusive behaviours and create a more welcoming workplace. Our interactive and engaging sessions can cater to a virtual, in-person or hybrid audience. We focus on equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to create positive change in their personal and professional lives by building empathy, allyship and respect where diversity is celebrated and everyone feels valued.

Our DEI learning sessions include:

Demystifying Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Intentional Inclusion for workplace success

Uncovering Unconscious Bias

From Binary to Spectrum - Enabling LGBTQ+ Allyship

Identity, Intersectionality and You

Fostering Inclusion and Allyship for Women@Work

Exploring Privilege and Active Allyship

Breaking the Imposter Syndrome Barrier

Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

POSH Awareness and Creating a Respectful Workplace

Inclusive Hiring Best Practices

​​Disability Awareness and Inclusive Practices

Understanding and Embracing Generational Diversity

Curated DEI Workshops

Our workshops are thoughtfully designed and customized to meet the specific needs of different participant groups, including leadership, People Managers, HR professionals, talent acquisition teams, and more. The experiential workshops include case studies and scenario-based conversations that are relevant to the role and function of the participants.

Our DEI curated workshops include:

Embracing Equity in Management and Leadership

Addressing Bias in your Leadership Journey

Building a Culture of Belonging, Equity & Inclusion as HR Leaders

Unbiased and Equitable Hiring Workshop for TA Managers

Transformative DEI Program for Leadership

Leaders as Effective Allies: Empowering Change and Inclusion

Embracing LGBTQ+ Inclusion in your Leadership Journey

Men as Allies for Gender Equity

Embracing Identities and Intersectionalities in your Leadership Journey

Customised DEI Events and Programs

We specialise in organising tailor-made, thematic DEI experiences and events. This includes DEI celebrations, Communications, Inclusion themed events etc. We curate panel discussions, invite special speakers and help you plan for special events end to end, that foster dialogue, learning, and positive change. We craft unforgettable experiences that inspire, educate, and promote a culture of inclusion.

Design, plan, and execute a theme-based DEI experience:

International Women's Day/Women’s History Month

Pride Month Celebrations

IDPWD/ Disability Awareness Month

Mental Health and Well-being Awareness Month - May

Global Diversity Awareness Month - Oct

Thematic Inclusion Month

We collaborate with partner organisations to bring you lived experiences, stories and activities for holistic learning and engagement.

Celebrating and Advocating for DEI - Here's Your Calendar 2024

A great way to build collective awareness and DEI learning practices in your organization is to identify and celebrate some crucial diverse days. Use these dates to plan your DEI celebrations.

1 / 8
2 / 8
3 / 8
4 / 8
5 / 8
6 / 8
7 / 8
8 / 8

Do note: This calendar is meant as a supplemental tool to help remind you of diversity celebrations through the year and significant dates that may not always be at the top of mind. Please note that this calendar does not contain all holidays globally and any religious observances.

You could also refer to the UN International Days and Weeks Calendar